Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mayor Mike Takes a Stand

I admit it's a bizarre question, but bear with me: Have you ever seen the mayor sitting? The guy is always standing up. I did a Google image search on this topic (no cracks about how I need a hobby, please) and I could only find a few images of Hizzoner on Hizzbutt. And when he is sitting, he looks extremely uncomfortable, as if perched on an unusually large cactus.

Oddly enough, what started me thinking about this is baseball season. It's on the horizon, and I'm looking to get some tickets for the Mets at the new CitiField. The only place they are available right now is on Stubhub. The prices? Astronomical. The reason? CitiField has 10,000 fewer seats than the old Shea Stadium. Even the new Yankee Stadium has about 5,000 fewer seats. Mayor Bloomberg was involved in the finanancing of both stadiums.

So, what gives? What's with the mayor's deep-seated (!) fear of seats? Why do all his pet projects seems to end up with fewer places to park one's posterior than they once had?

None of this would matter much except for two things: we paid with our tax dollars for the privilege of fewer stadiums seats that none of us can afford to buy, and this mania extends to our schools. After seven years of Bloomberg, schools have fewer seats than ever.

We shouldn't take this lying down. Let's send the mayor walking.

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