Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Klein Who Stole Tenure

Every teacher in Schoolville loved tenure a lot,

But the Klein, who worked in Tweed Courthouse, did not.

The Klein hated tenure! He thought it a cancer!

Now please don’t ask why, no one quite knows the answer.

It could be that a teacher once called HIM a dunce,

Or he got pelted with spitballs when he tried teaching once,

But I think the most likely reason of all,

May be that he knows nothing about teaching at all!

But whatever his reason for hating the teachers,

What he hated more, was one of the features,

Of the UFT contract that stood undiminished.

Despite 2005, he still wasn’t finished.

He knew the one hope, to which teachers could cling,

Could be dashed if he could destroy one more thing.

For every three years, despite all his jive,

Some teachers in Schoolville still managed to thrive.

And when they survived, it was tenure they got,

And this twisted the Klein’s BVDs in a knot!

“How COULD they get tenure?” Klein snarled with a sneer.

“After all I’ve thrown at them, why are they still here?

I don’t pay them enough and I make them feel small.

I’ve cut Teacher’s Choice down to nothing at all!

I give them lunch duty and potty patrol,

Sufficient to sear the hardiest soul!

And if that wasn’t enough to anger the staff,

I piled on thirty seven minutes—and a HALF!

They read to the children on germ-ridden rugs!

And share cafeterias with rodent-sized bugs!

Bulletin boards, walkthroughs, unsatisfactory ratings!

TAN notebooks, portfolios, PD unabating!

Acuity! ARIS! And monthly staff meetings!

Only a masochist smiles through such beatings!

Such horrible things! I don’t think I can top them!

Yet still they get tenure! Is there no way to stop them?”

And then he got an idea.

The Klein got a terrible, awful idea.

“I think,” the Klein chuckled, “I can end this whole mess,

If I can finagle support from the press!

But I’ll need an accomplice as heartless as me!”

So he called up his old bulldog pal from DC.

And together the Klein saddled up with the Rhee,

And declared war on tenure with malevolent glee.

Rhee’s taught for 2 years, and Klein less than one,

But has that stopped this duo? No, they’ve hardly begun!

Armed with three years of classroom experience between them.

They’ve set upon teachers, hell bent to demean them.

With data most spurious and a press most incurious,

The Klein and the Rhee hope to make parents furious,

So they’ll call for tenure to come to an end!

Are we going to allow this to happen, my friend?

I wish I could tell you the Klein’s heart has grown,

Or the Rhee’s tiny ticker was not made of stone,

Or the laughter of children would melt their exteriors,

Or the voters would finally boot their posteriors.

But unless the teachers in Schoolville take action,

And finally begin voicing their dissatisfaction,

The Kleins and the Rhees will most surely banish

Our tenure, and the last of our rights will just vanish.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the blog. A good news you only have a few years to retirement. I hope you will join some of the other retirees when your time comes in battling the forces of evil at Tweed and the UFT. I will add Accountable Talk to the ednotes blogroll.

NYC Educator said...

The really bad thing when it comes to grinch Klein,
is Randi Weingarten likes him just fine,
When Ed. Secretary job looked his way,
Versatile Randi wouldn't even say, "Nay."