Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Days are Here Again....

...or at least, they might be. According to several published sources, Mayor Bloomberg is considering a buyout to help save the city some money, and he has his eye on veteran teachers. Sounds like a win-win: he hates veteran teachers, and many of us are aching to jump the system at the earliest opportunity.

Still, details are sketchy to non-existent, so I did a little research. The last buyout applied to any 10 year veteran who was 50 or older. I haven't found out much more than that. If anyone knows what the details were, I'd appreciate hearing them.

Although I confess to some joy at the slim possibility that I might be eligible, there's a sadness to it all, as well. I realized that I could walk away from the classroom tomorrow without a glance back. Don't get me wrong; I'd miss the kids and I'd miss teaching them. I'm so anxious to get away from this insane system, however, that I'd bolt in a heartbeat.

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