Sunday, December 28, 2008

Breaking the Pattern?

Remember "The Pattern"? That's the number that the first municipal union, often DC37, accepts as a pay increase. All other unions are forced to accept the same number, no matter what. The pattern was recently set at 4% for each of two years after DC37 again signed first. So, the chatter has been somewhat upbeat, with even jaded UFTers assuming that Randi Weingarten can't do worse than the pattern.

Well, that pattern has been broken. Mayor Mike himself broke it, refusing to give that 4% to his own managers. What is he giving them? Zero.

Can teachers expect the same? Given the history of the UFTs crack negotiating team ('crack' in the sense of what they smoke) we might have to give up tenure to get that zero.

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NYC Educator said...

I don't know how those guys are gonna get by on just $196,000 a year. I hope they squeak through somehow. Personally, I would be willing to keep working the next two years for 196K, but that's just me.