Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr. Talk Scoops GothamSchools

Yep, it's official. Ruben Brosbe is leaving his lackluster career as a classroom teacher, as I speculated earlier today. You read the news here hours before it appeared in Gotham Schools, as Ruben couldn't help but leave a comment to me before departing. I'm sure GS is thrilled that their blog monkey (TM SoBronxSchool) allowed another blog to get the scoop!

The problem is, he is now going to Harvard (Muffy will be delighted) to study education policy. How can a failed classroom teacher even hope to be a leader? Here's the comment I made at GS.

Burning bridges, eh, Ruben? Blaming your admins for your failures as a teacher is really pretty lame, and you can bet that you won't be welcomed into many schools after what you said in this post. What happened to all that talk of "no excuses"? You've blamed your poor performance on the kids, the admins, the parents, the union--everyone but YOURSELF. Maybe teaching isn't as easy as you supposed it would be--those of us who have dedicated our lives to the classroom resent your know-it-all attitude. While I really don't wish ill on people, I have to say I am glad you failed as a classroom teacher.

What shocks me is that you seem eager to bypass the challenge of being a successful classroom teacher in order to try to pursue a career in education policy. One assumes that your privileged background has opened the doors to Harvard, and will probably lead to a career as an ed deformer in the mold of your idols, Evan and Sydney. It's a shame, because you may end up dictating policies that you yourself could never manage in a classroom.

I guess those who can't teach, go into education policy
Something tells me we haven't heard the last of Ruben.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

zulma said...

Next prediction: How long will Walcott last as chancellor? What scandal or education issue will throw him into a downward spiral of no recovery?

Just wondering! Your predications are always on target.

Miss RIm said...

We can only hope that a good, dedicated - dare I say more senior teacher gets hired to replace Ruben's class the very least an awesome ATR or perhaps 5th year TFer / Fellow who chose not to drink the Kool Aid.? Those kids deserve better than YOu, Mr. B
Nice job, Rueben - on behalf of all of us dedicated alternate certification teachers: Jinkies, really? I can suck as a classroom teacher, leave for an Ivy league school, be an aide to a state assembleyman and then, if I work hard enough ...become the president of the USA of America.
My slogan " Miss Rim for President: could it be worse?"
ugh, we gotta google bomb "Brosbe" like Santorum.

Anonymous said...

The thought of Ruben Brosbe going for educational leadership is even more frightening than him being a teacher.

FutonMonkey said...

And he wrote, " I can see that I was still looking at teaching from naive perspective"
So, that;s why he decided to become a policy maker?