Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome Aboard, Miss Rim!

I'd like to welcome Miss Rim to the NYC education blogosphere, and urge all of you to drop by her blog. She works in a D75 school so her insights into teaching should prove to be a valuable addition. It's refreshing to hear from a young teacher who isn't a shill for the E4E crowd. One thing that caught my eye immediately was her second post, which ended thusly:

For more veteran teachers, don't write one of us off immediately, for every Rueben Brosbe and E4E douche, there is another that really wants to be a good teacher - and we want your ideas, your support and sometimes your shoulder.

This is my kind of blogger! I hope everyone stops by and read her stuff:


Pete Zucker said...

Welcome Ms Rim. Linking to your blog.

Pete Zucker said...

Hey, give ms rim my proper feed.

Miss RIm said...

Gee, thanks, Mr. A! I hold you in no small esteem, I'm incredibly flattered.
You made my summer.

ASTRAKA said...

Miss RIm welcome to the blogosphere.
Good luck in you teaching career.

Now regarding: "I have a theory that people with facial hair are creating a shield between themselves and life."

I have a lot of facial hair, but it is a family tradition. ;)

Miss RIm said...

My stance on facial hair doesn't have much mettle - it's an opinion. If you have facial hair because of "tradition" religious reasons, and / or you can rock it - fantastic.
My comment was about people who affect it for...effect.

Miss RIm said...

Again, Mr. A - I just can't thank you enough.
I feel like Sally Field when she won the Oscar for, what was it? "Places in the Heart?" "Norma Rae" "Cannonball Run II....?"
"you like me, you really like me"