Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Harbinger of a New Contract?

Could the Klein resignation be the harbinger of a new contract? I'm not sure, but it just may be.

Klein would not want to be the one to give in to any of the union's demands. Signing a new contract with Cathie Black at the helm would give her a leg up and allow Klein to slink away like the slug he is. It would also give Mayor4Life a way of justifying a pay hike because he needs to usher in a new era of (fake, of course) cooperation with teachers.

Speaking of that, it may just be that with Klein gone, the release of the TDRs may be a moot point. Ms. Black can swoop in, put the kibosh on that idea, and become an instant hero with the union and Mulgrew.

Of course, if she releases the data and holds the line on the contract, we'll know we got a new Klein in a Black sheep's clothing.


reality-based educator said...

Why the sudden resignation and retirement to wingnut welfare heaven at News Corp, AT?

Do you think Klein's sick?

Hell, can he even GET sick?

I thought vampires lived forever...

I dunno, weird.

As for her, yeah, just another corporate suit with no education experience who of course sent her own kids to boarding school.

More of the same, I think.

Maybe they want us to be grateful that Bloomberg didn't replace Klein with Rhee?

ed notes online said...

Don't be fooled like people were when Mulgrew came in. In Chicago they replaced Klein-like Paul Vallas after 7 or 8 years of mayoral control with a Cathie Black like lite - his name was Arne Duncan.

They have their agenda. Klein accomplished most of what they wanted.
She is here to mop up.

Moriah Untamed said...

Bloomberg pulls the strings. That doesn't change just because he has switched puppets.