Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Test Scores Plummet! (yawn)

So, the state recalibrated the 2010 ELA and math scores to (maybe) where they should have been in the first place, and the scores dropped faster than Octomom's sextuplets. We are basically back to where we were four years ago, erasing all the "gains" that Mayor4Life used to show why NYers needed to give him an unprecedented 3rd term.

The philosophical question of whether something can be erased that never existed in the first place remains a mystery.

The state needed to hire a bunch of Harvard researchers to tell them that the tests and the scoring of those tests have gotten easier over the years. They could have saved a lot of money and time by asking bloggers. I just did a quick search of my own blog, and found quite a few posts about how easy the tests had gotten, like this one, this one, this one, and this one, to name a few. Perhaps I should get a job as a Harvard researcher.

Much ado will be made of this news, but in the end, the whole revelation about test scores will add up to little more than a big yawn. Once the dust settles, Mayor4Life will still be mayor, Klein will still be chancellor, Mulgrew will still be the UFT president, and the Post will still churn out editorials on why teachers are to blame and not the clowns who run the show. You, as a classroom teacher, will still be teaching in an overcrowded classroom, in an overcrowded school, with few supplies and even less respect.

The only real difference for you, dear teacher, is that your job will hinge upon these results come the 2011 school year. Good luck!

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Not really related to your content, but ... that is an ADORABLE baby. Awwww! ^.^

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