Friday, February 26, 2010

Joel and Eva--The Transcripts

We here at Accountable Talk take our hats off to Juan Gonzalez of the Daily News, the only reporter for the NY dailies who seems to give a damn about how the NYC school system is run. Using the Freedom of Information Act, the DN obtained 125 emails between Eva Mosowitz and Joel Klein, detailing just how much Klein favors charter schools, and Eva's schools in particular. Among other disturbing messages, Eva writes to Joel that "We need to quickly and decisively distinguish the good guys from the bad. And yes take away resources from institutions that are harming children and give to those who are truly putting children first." You'd assume that the chancellor of the public schools would object to having his schools painted as the bad guys, but he acquiesced to Eva's request. Apparently, those putting children first are people who make half a million dollars a year, like Eva, not underpaid teachers like you.

We at AT wanted to investigate this further, so our crack team (we're not drug users, but we wear really low rise jeans) filed our own Freedom of Information request in an effort to obtain chat logs between Joel and Eva, and we soon hit paydirt. Our request was delayed a few days because the chancellor and the white hat school maven apparently use pseudonyms in their communications. One warning: some of these chat logs are disturbing, mostly because they are entirely made up.

The ChancelLORD: Eva, you there bb?

Evil Eva: Yes, my lord.

The ChancelLORD: Oh baby I love when you call me lord my little mousekowitz.

Evil Eva: last names, remember?

The ChancelLORD: Of course, Eva. What are you wearing?

Evil Eva: Not so fast, my lord. Business before pleasure, K?

The ChancelLORD: I'd do anything for you, my charter cutie.

Evil Eva: I need more space for my school. Can you arrange that?

The ChancelLORD: That depends. Can you find a little space for me, too?

Evil Eva: Oh, I don't have much, Joelsy. But I might have a tight little spot for you if you do me this favor.

The ChancelLORD: Consider it done!

Evil Eva: Good boy. I'd like to use ps194 and ps241.

The ChancelLORD: Will that be enough space? I'll close them if you like!

Evil Eva: Purrrrrrr. One more thing. Can you help me raise a million dollars? Private funds hon--we need to keep it quiet.

The ChancelLORD: If you help me raise something first!

Evil Eva: mmmmm...I hope you're UP for it.

The ChancelLORD: Oh I am! I had my head shined this morning just like you like it!

Evil Eva: You tease! I wish I could be there to buff it for you. And speaking of buff...I'm in it.

There was much more, but frankly we threw up in our mouths a little bit just reading it.


Anonymous said...

The story by Juan Gonzalez and the e mails by Klein and Moskowitz are the most disturbing and disgraceful example of the abuse of power by this administration. Coupled with the Village Voice article Separate but UNEQUAL, I hope there will be a mass public outcry.

NYC Educator said...

Let's couple it with Diane Ravitch's book as well. Anyone reading this blog should read it.

Great post, though there are certain images I'd rather you hadn't put in my mind...

Anonymous said...

"My little Mousekowitz"

Love it. I can never look at her again without thinking of this. Come to think of it, she does sort of look like a mouse.