Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Randi Reduhhhhx

In a stunning move that shows how much Michael Mulgrew learned from Randi Weingarten, the UFT delegate assembly today authorized the union to file for an impasse. That means, of course, that the union can send the matter to PERB to try to hammer out a settlement.

This is the same process by which, if you recall, we worked out the wonderful 2005 contract, where we gave away just about all our hard earned contractual rights in order to have a longer school day. It wasn't all a disaster, however. In exchange for 6% more time, we got a 6% raise. Yessir, those Unity types are really on the ball.

So, to sum up, in exchange for not endorsing Bill Thompson for mayor, who just might have won with our help, we are NOT going to get the 4% given to other unions without a long, protracted fight in which we will probably lose some of our few remaining rights, such as the right to have perforated toilet paper in the teachers' bathroom and the right not to be fired for being an ATR.

Way to go, Mulgrew. You're a chip off the old block.


Pogue said...

51% to 46%. No Thompson endorsement because it would only mean 3% one way or the other = 48% to 49%. The UFT... one bad decision after another.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess Paul Egan should be the blame too. Since he was the one that specifically predicted at the DA that Bloomberg would win by a large margin and endorsing Thompson would only bring 3%. Bloomberg's margin was large in dollar sense! But, the UFT just placed its members in a very vulnerable position with the mayor. I look at this way. If Mulgrew doesn't do a better job than Randi, then we need to vote him out in May. I am not giving back anything and I am f*@#ing tired of fighting for my f*@king rights all the time.