Sunday, November 8, 2009

Place Your Bets!

Many of us believe that a contract was in place before Randi Weingarten set out to prove the Peter Principle and became president of the AFT. The would help explain why the UFT sat out an election for mayor in which we had a real chance to effect change. Many union hacks have explained that it would be crazy to endorse Thompson during negotiations for fear we'd be retaliated against. Oddly, to me, that is the very reason we should have done everything we could have done to haul Bloomberg out of City Hall by the slack of his pants.

If the contract is a done deal, the only question is when it will be announced. My guess is that it will be on Veteran's Day. The UFT tends to do things when there is a day off ahead so teachers won't be in school to discuss it. It will also be more than a week after the election so they can avoid the appearance of a quid pro quo--at least in their own minds.

I'm thinking of starting a pool. What do you think? What's the magic date that the agreement will be announced?


Pogue said...

I say they quietly announce it during Thanksgiving Dinner. No one will pay attention due to dietary, football, or Black Friday issues. Yes, put me down for Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully, the contract won't be a turkey.

Chaz said...

I agree with Pogue. It will give the teachers four days before the return to school to discuss he givebacks.

NYC Educator said...

What about Christmas? That way, when people say the contract is coming, we can say, "Yeah, and so is Christmas."

And no one will know whether or not we're being sarcastic.