Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Takes the Cake!

Literally. Mayor-for-Life Bloomberg has banned bake sales in public schools.

Determined to micromanage every aspect of children's lives, including what passes through their digestive systems, Hizzoner Eternal has made an exception for dark brownies and lemon bars, which may be sold once a month. Why? Because HE has spoken.

Mayor-for-Life claims that he's doing this for the health of children. This has not stopped His Mayoralty from jeopardizing his own health with a steady diet of salt and fat laden foods. That is different, of course. Bloomberg is a billionaire and gets what he wants. We common folk need to be led by the hand.


Pissedoffteacher said...

Kids will eat what they want anyway. In my school, they all manage to get out, even though it is against the rules and go to any number of the places around to buy all the junk they want. This policy will only encourage them to do it more.

It is also mean spirited. Budget strapped clubs in the schools need the funds these sales provide. Perhaps if Mayor Moneybags had given his money to schools instead of tossing it on his campaign, hispolicy might have been more openly accepted.

NYC Educator said...

I have never trusted bake sales and have always assumed there was something inherently evil about them. Bravo to Mayor-for-life Bloomberg for finally squashing this insidious menace.