Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another E4E Shill Quits the Classroom for $$$

There's a new shill in town. Jonathan Schleifer, Executive Director of E4E NY, tells us how wonderful it would be if all teachers were evaluated more closely and, of course, fired. He came to this revelation after he left the classroom, so none of his proposals would affect him directly.

This E4E asshat tells us how proud he was to get a certificate from his principal he could hang up on his wall, presumably along with his posters of Justin Beiber (seriously--proud of a certificate? How old is this guy--10?)

I hope some of you can mosey on over there and let Schoolbook know what you think of these astroturf reformers.

Here is my response to him in the comments section:

E4E is nothing but a front for corporate reformers who wish to privatize schools for profit. You are no longer a teacher, Jonathan, you are a paid shill for Bill Gates and his reform agenda. If you really cared about kids, you'd still be in the classroom. Taking money from billionaires to help destroy the last bastion of unionism isn't noble, and it isn't for the students. It's for profit, pure and simple.

As for "rewarding" great teachers, that is reformspeak for merit pay and the ability to fire teachers at will. Merit pay has never worked anywhere it has ever been tried because it is based on the false assumption that teachers aren't trying very hard and can be seduced by money. Of course, teachers aren't in this for the money--teaching isn't a lucrative field. Those who want to make big bucks turn their backs on their fellow teachers and join the ranks of astroturf movements like E4E, where they can cash in on the hedge fund managers who view public education as their personal playground.

You want to reform education? I have an idea. Get back in the classroom and do the hard work that 75,000 of my colleagues and I do every day. Sitting in Bill Gates' lap isn't educating one single child.

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