Friday, April 13, 2012

Chaz Gets a Hearing in the Media

Long time blogger Chaz, who was tarred and feathered in the press as a 'pervy' teacher even after his case was resolved in his favor, finally gets a public hearing in a piece by Arthur Goldstein in the NY Times. 

Read it to understand how the DOE can take a single spurious allegation and ruin a teacher's life, not to mention spending what must be at least a half a million dollars to carry out its vendetta.

Frankly, I hope Chaz sues the DOE for sending news organizations letters that were unfounded and removed from his file, and the NY Daily News for printing this seemingly libelous material.

Kudos to Mr. Goldstein for this piece, and to Chaz himself for having the fortitude to endure the slings and arrows of the DOE and the media.


reality-based educator said...

That's a fantastic piece by Mr. Goldstein.  Pity he doesn't write for the Daily News instead of the DOE stenographers they employ - like Ms. Durkin, Mr. Chapman and Ms. Monahan.

I noticed that... said...

If Arthur Goldstein were to write for the DN, I would buy that paper everyday just to read his column on truth and justice.  He and Juan Gonzalez would both be an awesome force.  Unfortunately, lies, deception and corruption is the DN's agenda.  The journalists cannot afford to lose their job over the virtue of printing true facts.  Now you see why I don't buy the DN.