Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teacher Data Reports to be Released

Bloomberg finally got his way. Teacher Data Reports (TDRs) will, apparently, be released, according to NY1. Let the public shaming of teachers begin.

Now that teachers will be rated from ineffective to highly effective, you can bet those rankings will become public, as well.

It seems the court ruled that despite the fact that the data sucked, it was nevertheless public information.

The only bright spot to come out of this is that we might get to actually see some of the data on our favorite teacher bashers, like Ruben Brosbe, Sydney Morris, and Evan Stone.


NYC Educator said...

No you will not, since none of those people are actually teachers. They got off while the getting, for them at least, was good. 

Bronx Teacher said...

I was just going to add the silver lining was seeing the E4E stooges TDR's. Oh, a source deep inside Ruben the Blog Monkeys™ school tells me he was universally despised and all are glad he is gone.