Friday, April 15, 2011

Ruben Sandwich, Hold the Beef

Ruben Brosbe, highly qualified columnist for Gotham Schools, has been strangely silent these past few days since the release of the Teacher Data Reports (TDRs). I say strangely, because he was the one who informed us that he was below average when compared to first year teachers when he began his career, and that he was a low average when compared to second year teachers the following year. In fact, so insistent was he that the numbers be public that he penned an opinion piece for the NY Post in which he argued for the release of the data to newspapers.

So my question, Ruben, is this: Where's the beef?

I've basically released my own data, so I think I am entitled ask Ruben for his, especially as he wants to make everyone else's number public, despite the written pledge from the DOE that the number would only be used internally.

Ruben believes in data. If data had an orifice, Ruben would be out buying lube. He and his Asshat4Education cronies believe that these reports should be a huge factor in determining layoffs and tenure. Ruben is up for tenure this year, so his score should be very interesting. Will he get tenure no matter what, due to his olfactory buggery up the DOE's anus?

When you post the numbers, make sure you tell the truth, Ruben, because we'll almost certainly be able to fact check in the newspapers soon. No sense waiting until you are outed, like you were when your membership in Asshats was uncovered by Bronx Teacher.

Maybe I'm being harsh. Maybe Ruben just forgot to post his numbers. I'm going to drop him a little reminder at his latest post on GothamSchools. I'd encourage all of you to do the same. Just go here and leave a comment.

C'mon, Ruben. Show us that you're more than a couple of empty slices of damp bread.



Anonymous said...

God did you read his drippy GS Community post today? I'm gagging.

Mr. Talk said...

He writes some of the most insipid posts in the education blogosphere, and yet GS publishes everything he write.

It is a telling post, however. A little girl suffers a tragedy, and all Ruben can think of it how it affects his "practice".

Anonymous said...

I guess it's OK to write crap at Gotham as long as you are e4e. Way to set the standard!

B said...

I replied back but to speak about a different point: what you spoke about on "practice".

Frankly, his political allegiances aren't what is important to me in this post, it's what his mindset is after a tragedy like this and if he did anything about it.

Apparently, being non-desensitized was more important of a point to bring up than what we teachers could possibly do in this situation. Kinda sad if you think about it.